TSUNAMI IN JAPAN – The Most Shocking Video


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Published on May 24, 2014 by Top10Viral

In this video you can see how disasters that a tsunamy can product, especially in Japan, can be trully distructive. Most of the times they apear suddenly, when humans can’t be prepared in a certain way for them. When the tsunamy atacs, they destroy everething that comes in their way, in this particular case, giving the water over the dam, taking and carring away the cars, flotting till they hit by a building and moving on, till, and later over the people’s houses. Indeed, it is anounced the strike of the tsunamy and the disaster that he produces, but nothing can be done. Everything becomes paralyzed, the water is flowing as if it is more to came, the buildings seem to dissolve in front of the powerful waters that push with force all the carry-over from the building that once were. Soon, almost everything exists no more, everything seems empty, as nothing existed there. Althow one old building  makes to stand up, even thow it is flooded as well, still fights with the keep coming waters. The view is terrifying, all around you can see only this that just 5 minutes were there- houses and different buildings ( hopelly with nobody in them) and then, just nothing.

The damages are hudge! By the end of the last 5 minutes, you will see nothing else  but an empty place, filled with water! The man from the station seems desperate, the siren sounds incessantly and the panic is big!

 What do you think? Did anybody survived? What could be done to stop something like this thappening again?


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