This Thunder Waterslide On This Cruise Ship Is Really Cool – This is the fastest, steepest, scariest water slide on any cruise ship in the world!!!


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Published on May 31, 2014 by Top10Viral

This water slide is probably one of the most fun attractions on this cruise ship . For those who are passionate about adrenaline is an ideal choice to satisfy their need for adrenaline. Even the elderly can venture into this water slide . Although it seems scary at first those who are passionate said it is quite nice when you are already in the capsule and there are a few seconds to know that you sent the slide . These cruise ships are equipped with the wacky toys tourists. Some cruise ships are equipped with tracks for surf , cinema, outdoor theaters , indoor and more.
This is the “Green Thunder ” waterslide on the Carnival Spirit cruise ship and is by far the biggest attraction on this ship . If you have the opportunity to offer such a cruise and do not hesitate to get such a ship to taste the purest adrenaline ever seen on a water slide


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