I’ve never seen two dogs so excited before bath! One of the cutest videos!


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Published on May 26, 2014 by Top10Viral

What a wonderful thing! Many times, surfing the Internet or even in the current day by day we see dogs running away from having a bath, not at all competing to take a bath! These two dogs of a small size, which are really nice and sweet, seem to be trained since babies for this king of cometition. As you can see, the two ones know well the direction and the obstacles witch they successfully accomplished to pass.

            I don’t know which of you would be willing to let your dog take a bath in your own  tub. Yes, it is true that the dog is the best human’s friend, but the question is this: how close should it be this pet. Many people, as these from the video, believe that they can share everything with their friend: from sharing the same room, till sharing the same bed; from eating the same food, till sharing the same plate.

            Well, yes, it is also true that the most common disease from  the dog are not transmissible to human, but I also believe that it is important not to forget that this animals are carriers of germs.

So, how can we make peace with our desires of having a pet with the need of being hygiene and protected? Really simple. Even if we play with them and we keep them inside of our houses, we should have the minimal hygiene precautions. The dog should first have his own kennel, somewhere in an unused space or room of the house and to wash our hands every time after we played with it. After all, the dogs are a wonderful company that bring joy and a lot of benefits the house’s he lives in.


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