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Published on May 24, 2014 by Top10Viral

Unbeliveble! This guy really wants to beat every record in the history of motorcycles! If he wanted to show his neighbours that he may be really noisy, well, he definitely made it! He must have an ego as big as China, or he’s really inventive…or maybe both! Althrough, his clothes tell me that he might me an ingenious and handy inginer. Anyway, if he wanted to be noisy, all he would had to do was to take off the motorcycle’s buffle.

Even if the size isn’t so important, for touching a high speed, he is proposing himself to be a protector of the nature, because, judging their size I think it may contain enough filters so it could spread all around oxygen, not toxic aer! What you think about his reasons to build those giants baffles? How would be the world ,mostly the biggest cities if the vehicles wouldn’t smoke out the toxic gases but producing gases that could have a beneficial use for a better, healthier life (oxygen, nitrogen etc)?

Of course, if all the vehicles shall have to have such monstrous baffles, all the highways in the world will must be modified! And if a motorcycle has such a baffle of, let’s say 0.5 l, imagine how would be a baffle for a bus, an excavator or even an airoplane!

But, let’ not be this rigid. Remember that the first computer in the world was as big as an industry and the first phone had a colossal size comparing to what we use today. So, we can’t know how thing would evaluate our “supposed” little genious.


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