Caterpillar Climbing Onto Rail Car-WOW


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Published on May 30, 2014 by Top10Viral

Wow! Have you seen this?!  This is something really extraordinary! What a huge power and what a brave driver to do such dangerous thing! I couldn’t imagine that this king of thing may be possible!

At the beginning of this video, I thought that this man won’t be able to climb that “monster” up there,especially considering its weight, which is about 11 to 15 tonnes, but what a surprise! The first step was easier to climb, but still it was needed straight and big power of the machine to hold on till top of the rail car. It seems to be a fast and compact vehicle and its movements are really quick and smooth.This “monster” sure did a really good job! But, I believe the second step was a little bit harder, than the first one to climp. The rung seems to be higher that the first one, so the task for the driver is a challenging one. But as the first time, the driver continues to impresses us with his skills. With patience and trust in his forces, he manages to climb the vehicle up to the top! But wait! He didn’t done just that! He even got the excavator in the rail! He first digs to level the material inside the rail and then , if he could continue, he may had reach the second (wright next to) rail car.

But,  how much do you think  this acrobatic is because of the work and the skills of the driver and how much is this because of the power of  the vehicle?

                Probably, if the company of this kind of vehicles would see this guy doing this ploys with their product, maybe they would hire him for testing the abilities of their vehicles.

            What do you think?


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